Get the emotional feel of Hiphop, R&B, Dancehall, House, Techno, Afro beat and many more genres.

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12BeatsbyAsher, creating and producing beats and instrumental music for lyrical hits.

Welcome to our beat store, We produce beats and instrumentals in various genres from House to Techno, Hiphop to R&b, Dancehall, Afro beat and many others. Our mission is to produce and create the beat that makes your song a #number 1 hit so as to be appreciated from all edges of the world. Make your music deserved whenever it's listened to.

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Browse our YouTube channel for beats and instrumentals videos in different genre from House to Techno, Hiphop to R&b, Dancehall, Afro beat, Reggae and many more. Get inspired by beats and instrumentals music to create a song that brings out the music in you.